Retirement Services

Give back to your equine companion by giving them the retirement they deserve. We have huge retirement pastures where horses can live out their best lives in a natural environment with a herd of companions. This is a great option for horses who are no longer rideable, but are in otherwise good health, to have the opportunity to enjoy their golden years. The pasture is also a great option for horses and/or riders that need some time off. Our pastures are green after the first rain of the season through around June or July, which offers the older horse an opportunity to free graze at their pace. The natural grazing is supplemented with daily meals of hay, spread out so that the less assertive members of the herd have an equal opportunity to eat. Due to the fact that the horses are out on large acreage, we do not offer blanketing or supplementing in the pastures. Hind shoes are not allowed in the pastures or paddocks for the safety of all herd members.

We take care of a lot of horses who have absentee owners and offer full service care. We will coordinate farrier and vet visits and handle the horse's needs as directed by the owner. Although the pastures are large and the horses are not always immediately in view, we check on the horses daily. Our staff are all horse owners themselves and are experienced in recognizing any problems that may arise.

If your retired companion requires more individualized attention and needs to be in a corral or barn stall, we also offer supplementing, grooming, lunging and turnouts . We have a full staff of knowledgable equestrians. Please just let us know the needs of your horse and we can coordinate care.