We offer two covered arenas with lights, a dressage court, a tournament polo arena set up as a jumping arena, a trail course arena, an oversized round pen and a 60-foot round pen. We groom the jumping arena twice per week and the other arenas three times per week.

The Large Covered Arena was completely redone and overhauled in 2014 with premium, low-dust footing. The footing was refreshed in 2022.

Our Jumping Arena is a tournament polo arena, so it is quite large. There is plenty of room to gallop on the custom blend footing.

The Dressage Court is a competition sized 20x60 metre court with all brand new footing in 2022. We regularly host Ventura CDS schooling shows at our facility.

The Trail Arena is all set up to practice your poles, bridges and gate. It's a great spot to practice your skills for your next trail class or your next actual trail ride. It is set up and moved around regularly by our in-house ranch riding trainers.

The Small Covered Arena is a perfect place to lunge, do your groundwork or ride if you want a smaller, more contained space to work. It also has lights, which comes in handy for lunging during the shorter days of the year.

We have both large and small round pens to accomodate all of your groundwork and/or riding needs.